Some of Our Rescued Cats

Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary

Our Cats: "Some photos of cats we have rescued"

Some of Our Cat's Stories:
"How we found them"


Lucy - our first cat here in Thailand. She was found abandoned at a local junior school and was only a couple of weeks old. Lucy cannot sleep unless she has her towel which she sucks on, which she still needs even though she is now over 8 yrs old.


Lilly - found abandoned at another local school a few weeks old. When she was about a year old she went missing for 4 days during the monsoon season. We eventually found her soaking wet clinging to a piece of wood by a wall (which she had fallen off) in a swamp. She slept almost continuously after we found her for 4 days, but fully recovered.


Lill - was found by On, my wife, at a local Fish/Meat market. She was missing one eye and one toe and her other eye had a cataract. She was not in very good condition. We nursed her and she became very independent despite being hardly able to see. What we were not aware of is that she was already pregnant. When it was near her time, we noticed she was having problems, so rushed her to the vets at Nakhon Si Thammarat, where she had a caesarian. Unfortunately 2 babies were already dead and a very small one just barely alive. Lill rejected the baby so it could not get her milk. We nursed it and fed it with cat milk but it was so weak it passed away 2 days later..Lill has since died.


Billy and Bobby were dumped by persons unknown at mother in laws’ house when they were only a few days old. Billy has grown into a lovely boy, he gets on well with all cats and likes to sleep either cuddled up with Rose or Pinkie, or in the bathroom sink.


Bobby had a large lump on his side, the size of a golf  ball and considering his size it was nearly as big as him. We nursed him for two weeks, we managed to remove the infection on his side and he started to grow a little, but it appears the infection had already spread too far and he passed away.


Garfield - when we go to Bangkok we rent an apartment at the same block each time. One time we were there a very large ginger cat kept coming up to us each evening and said what sounded like ‘Hello’. When we told him to ‘Nang’ (Sit) he always did. We asked the restaurant manager at the apartments who he belonged to. He replied ‘No-one he was left by his owners when they moved away, and comes here every evening looking for food.’ Within a few hours On, my wife had decided we should take him back to Hua Sai. So the day we set out for the 900km drive, who was in the car with us? Yes, Garfield as he is became known.


Primarily white and ginger with some grey and black. She was owned by a neighbour, who decided they could no longer keep her as their young nieces were coming to live with them. Ninn was pregnant, so we have gained more than one cat here, and she had four kittens. Ninn has now settled in well at the sanctuary, a little nervous at first, but seems quite content now and stays at brother-in-laws' house.


Was a local stray (or may have been dumped by her owner), black and grey in colour, she came to me one evening at around 11pm. She would not go near any other human but seemed to take a liking to me. She now comes to our house every evening about 8-9 pm for some food, and sleeps each night on our ‘Spirit House’. After about three weeks she eventually let my wife touch her too, but still will not let any other human near her.

Lucky (the First)

Lucky - was found abandoned, and not in very good condition, he was black and white and about 3 months old. Since moving into the Sanctuary he has improved and looks quite handsome. He gets on well with the other cats.


Pinkie was found abandoned on a dirt track with her sister. When we found her she was only a few days old, her sister was already dead and Pinkie was soaking wet dehydrated and very hungry. However, after constant nursing she recovered and is a very beautiful girl.

Rose, Jasmine, Tulip and Marigold

Rose, Jasmine, Tulip and Marigold -  An adult cat who lived in a house 3 doors away from us was pregnant, but the owners did not want the kittens. Cat (that was her name) seemed to realise this and came and lived at our home to have her kittens. Rose still lives with us, Jasmine now lives with sister in law and Tulip and Marigold were found a new home together at a friend’s house. Unfortunately Cat died a few months later.

Mickey, Kittie and Smokey

Mickey, Kittie and Smokey - were abandoned at the site where a new house was being built at the end of our street. We went down and fed them each day for a few days. Then then seemed to realise where their food was coming from and one morning appeared to have moved into our garden, and were moved to the sanctuary.

More stories coming soon...