Some of Our Projects

Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary

Major Project 1: "The Cat House"

  • Before we could start the cat house building, we had to fill in a river that ran the length of the site. Over 75 lorries of soil had to be dumped in place and bulldozed level. (June 2009)

  • Then it was time to start the foundations, first dig 6 deep holes in very hard earth to put the concrete base in to support the concrete poles in the corners. Then get the poles in level and cement them in place. (June 2009)

  • Next the floor goes in and shortly afterwards the walls get started with the door frames and windows frames being inserted. We are making exceptional progress. (June 2009)

  • Walls Up. Now it's time to start adding the framework for the roof tiles to be placed on. Lot's of very hard wood, that cutting and nailing is very hard. (June 2009)

  • Roof tiles on. It's getting to look like a little house now. (July 2009)

  • Now it's time to skim the walls inside and out with concrete, not an easy task to get it square and even. (July 2009)

  • Electrics next and windows and doors in. Floor Tiles inside, and walkway around the sides now tiled. And time to start painting. We are getting there now! (August 2009)

  • A few months later and now it's time to add the porch at the front and put in some ceilings inside and outside around the edges and front. And add the lights. (February 2010)

  • Job Done!

Major Project 2:
"The Carer's House"

  • My Sister-In-Law was moving down from Bangkok to help look after the cats and kittens, but had nowhere to live so I agreed to build her a temporary basic 'Thai' house to stay in on the corner of the sanctuary. September 30th 2011 the holes for the posts were dug for the concrete footings and he project was under way. The house is 80cm above ground to ensure it is flood proof.The supports for the floor go in the holes and hopefully aligned to take the cross beams when they arrive later. (September 2011)

  • The cross beams have arrived and put in place. Been very hot today and lifting them took a lot of effort. But at least they fitted first time! (October 2011)

  • Put the steel rods in place for the re-enforced concrete and mixed loads of concrete by hand today, very hot 38 degrees plus, and very tired now. But at least the posts are firmly secured and the base looks tidy. (October 2011)

  • The 14 concrete floor panels have arrived are ready to be put in place. On a very hot day lifting heavy concrete floor panels was not a wise move, but the task was achieved and the floor now fitted, a strained muscle or two in the waist area giving a fair amount of pain. (October 2011)

  • Over the next few days I have been very busy, and made excellent progress testing my woodworking skills to the limit. I have been so tired after each days work that I didn't post any on line updates. So here is the result of those few days work. Most of the framework constructed, the floor panels concreted on top, the Thai kitchen area (Thai kitchens tend to be outdoors) now has it's poles in place and the area concreted. (October 2011)

  • A lot has been achieved since the last update above, although some delays due to the excessive rain from the Monsoons. The main structure is now complete, the roof is now on and the ceramic floor tiles are almost complete. Here are some photos of the progress so far. (October 2011)

  • Walls and final woodwork now in progress, got some help today from brother-in-law. Almost finished just the windows to make. (October 2011)

  • Job Done!

Major Project 3:
"The Cat House Extension"

  • Added a kitchen and toilet extension to the 'Cat House' so that we had all the required facilities at the sanctuary. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos during the build but here are some at the start of the project (with my critics) and some after completion. (June 2012)

  • Job Done!

Project 4:
"The Temple Cats and Dogs"

  • Two of our local temples have many dogs and cats that have been dumped there by their former owners. The Monks do their best to feed them but have limited funds in order to do so. We have been supplying them with Dog and Cat food when we can and would like to continue to do so. So if you would like to help please donate using the button below. (June 2017).

  • Job Continues!