Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary
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Hi and welcome to our web site. We hope you will enjoy what you see here and like the photos and stories that we have placed here. We moved to Thailand in December 2007, to a small town in the South East called Hua Sai. Unfortunately we had to leave our cat, Pearl, in the UK, she is now living with my mum.

Not long after we moved here my wife said that she had heard of a kitten being abandoned near a local junior school, “Can we go and see if we can find it?” she said.

That’s where it all began.....

Cats/Kittens rescued to date:
If you feel you can help us in our quest to rescue cats and kittens please do, we will be eternally grateful, as will our ‘babies’.
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We currently have 20 cats living at our home  and over 20 cats living at our new Cat Sanctuary a couple of miles away.

Living with us are Lucy, Antonio, Pinkie, Rosie, CoCo, Lillie, 4 kittens, Bough, Mong Mang, Luung, JumJum, Suzie, Plurle, Noon, Nuan, Jenny and Noy.

At the Sanctuary (we have built the sanctuary on some of our land near Mother-in -law’s) some of the cats there are, Jimmy, Fye, Tong- Dang, Pearl, Cookie, Candy, Booie, Lucienne, Donut, Lucky, Som, and many more.

All our Cat’s have been rescued in some way, please read their stories on the ‘Our Cats’ page.

Some of the cats we have rescued have been found new homes, such as Jasmine, Tulip, Ginger, Spot, Whiskey, Panda, Coco, Ginger (2), Tiger and Marigold and others.

Unfortunately we have lost some through illness etc..

Our Cats
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